Silent boot on Raspbian Stretch in Console Mode

The purpose of the steps here is to remove Rainbow image, Raspberry Pi Logo, login messages, etc. from Raspberry Pi boot up process when it’s in console autologin mode. For silent boot in desktop mode, please see this post. After following the steps, the first thing you see will be a shell prompt like below.

I tested it with Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspbian Stretch Desktop (November 2017 version).




– Console Autologin
If it’s not yet in Console Autologin mode, launch raspi-config.

Then, navigate to “Boot Options” > “Desktop / CLI” and select “Console Autologin“.


– Password change if SSH enabled
If SSH is enabled, change the login password to avoid the warning message below.




1. Disable “Welcome to PIXEL” splash
Disable plymouth-start service.


2. Remove Rainbow Screen
2-1. Open “/boot/config.txt”.

2-2. Add below at the end of the file.


3. Remove Raspberry Pi logo and blinking cursor
3-1. Open “/boot/cmdline.txt”.

3-2. Add below at the end of the line.

‘logo.nologo’ and ‘vt.global_cursor_default=0’ remove Raspberry Pi logo (image of four raspberries in the top left corner) and blinking cursor, respectively.


4. Remove login message
Create ‘.hushlogin’ file in home directory.

It removes login message below [1]:


5. Remove autologin message by modify autologin service
5-1. Open the unit file for autologin service.

5-2. Modify the line starts with “ExecStart”


It removes autologin message below:


6. Verify
Reboot the board and see if it works properly.


In case a lightning bolt icon is shown in the right-top corner of the screen, see this post.


[1] Remove GNU licence and ‘no warranty’ thing when logging into ssh



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