Installing the Latest Qt Creator on Ubuntu Linux

This is a step-by-step procedure to install the latest official release of Qt Creator onto Ubuntu Linux PC. Qt Creator can be installed by “apt-get” command, however in that case you may not get the latest version. In this post we’ll use the online installer so that we can get the latest version.

For the reference, bellow are the latest version as of 6/2/2017.
– Qt Creator version : 4.3.0
– Ubuntu version : 16.04.02 (LTS)

Update (April 27, 2018):
My ubuntu got updated and I reinstalled Qt. The exact same steps still work. Now the versions are:
– Qt Creator 4.6.0
– Ubuntu 18.04 (LTS)


– 64-bit Ubuntu Installed PC
(I’m not sure why but I was not able to get the latest version when I was installing on 32-bit Ubuntu. So, in this post, I use 64-bit Ubuntu PC.)


1. Install required packages.

2. Download the online installer.

3. Add execute permission.

4. Run the installer.

5. Follow the wizard and complete the installation.

6. Launch Qt Creator.

Qt Creator should automatically configure compilers, debuggers, etc for the PC environment. Now you can run examples from “Welcome” tab or create your a new project from “File” > “New File or Project…”!


Getting Started With Qt and Qt Creator on Linux

Online installer of Qt Creator official releases


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