Enabling SSH on Raspberry Pi

By enabling SSH, you can access Raspberry Pi remotely. For security, you should change login password If you enable SSH. Here is the steps.


1. Enable SSH

1-1. Launch raspi-config

1-2. Select “Interfacing Options”.

1-3. Select “SSH”, and “Yes”.

1-4. Then, exit raspi-config.


2. Change login password for user ‘pi’

2-1. Type the following command:

2-2. Enter the current password and new password. Then retype the new password.


3. Access from PC

3-1. Check IP address on Raspberry Pi.

Or, alternatively you may be able to figure out the IP address by using the following command on your PC.

3-2. Then access from your PC like below (After @ sign will be your Raspberry Pi’s IP address).


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