Disabling IPv6 Kernel Module on Raspbian Stretch

I’m using Raspbian Stretch Lite (September 2017 version) and for some reason, wanted to disable IPv6 kernel module, which is loaded by default. Basically, it can be done by blacklisting the kernel module. [1]

Here is steps I took.


1. Check already loaded modules (Optional)
You can check already loaded modules by ‘lsmod’ command. IPv6 appears at the last line of the example below.


2. Blacklist IPv6 kernel module
Open the configuration file,

and add the line below.

Save, and close.


3. Reboot
Restart the system to unload the kernel module.


4. Verify
Check the loaded modules again. ‘ipv6’ should be gone if everything is done properly.


1. How to disable loading of unnecessary kernel modules



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