Changing a Bluetooth Device Address on Raspberry Pi

This post shows how to change Bluetooth device address on Raspberry Pi.

Bluetooth device address (aka BD_ADDR, Bluetooth MAC address) is a 48-bit identifier assigned to each Bluetooth chip. Whether it can be changed is depends on each chip. Fortunately, Raspberry Pi’s on-board Bluetooth chip (Cypress/Broadcom) allows device address change.


Raspberry Pi board with on-board Bluetooth chip (e.g. Raspberry Pi3 B+Raspberry Pi Zero W)


1. Prep
1-1.Install prerequisite package.

1-2. Download the archived file of bdaddr tool. [1][2]

1-3. Extract the archive file.

1-4. Make.


2. Bluetooth Address Change
2-1. Check the original Bluetooth address..

2-2. Change Bluetooth device address.

The result should be like this:

2-3. Reset hci device.

2-4. Also, restart bluetooth service.


3. Verify
3-1. Check the change with bdaddr tool.

3-2. Check the change with bluetoothctl.


[1] Change your bluetooth device mac-address
[2] Wget: Error 403- Can I get around this?



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