Creating Wireless Router using Raspberry Pi Zero W

This post shows steps to set up Raspberry Pi Zero W as a wireless router. I tested it with Raspbian Stretch Lite (November 2017 version) and this USB WiFi adapter. The figure above shows overview of the idea. Here are some assumptions for this post. Raspberry Pi Zero W (the router) connects to an existing… Continue reading “Creating Wireless Router using Raspberry Pi Zero W”

Silent boot on Raspbian Stretch in Console Mode

The purpose of the steps here is to remove Rainbow image, Raspberry Pi Logo, login messages, etc. from Raspberry Pi boot up process when it’s in console autologin mode. For silent boot in desktop mode, please see this post. After following the steps, the first thing you see will be a shell prompt like below.

I tested… Continue reading “Silent boot on Raspbian Stretch in Console Mode”

Setting Up Raspberry Pi Web Kiosk

This post shows steps to setup a web kiosk using Raspberry Pi. The goal is to load a web page using a browser in full-screen kiosk mode directly after boot up. I tested it with Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspbian Stretch (November 2017 version) with Raspberry Pi official 7″ display. I used Chromium as browser. Also, Internet… Continue reading “Setting Up Raspberry Pi Web Kiosk”

Adding Power Switch on Raspberry Pi

Below shows how I added a physical power switch to Raspberry Pi. It enables boot up, shutdown, and reboot Raspberry Pi board. (tested with Raspberry Pi Zero W running Raspbian Stretch November 2017 version.) Note: This switch does not actually power-up or power-down and Raspberry Pi board consumes some mA of current even after shutdown (i.e.… Continue reading “Adding Power Switch on Raspberry Pi”

Controlling Display Backlight on Raspberry Pi

This is how to turn on and off backlight on Raspberry Pi for the official 7-inch touchscreen display and HDMI displays using command-line interface (CLI). I checked it with Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspbian Stretch (September 2017 version) + official 7″ display / GeChic 1002 10.1″ HDMI Display.   The official 7-inch touchscreen display [1] OFF:

Continue reading “Controlling Display Backlight on Raspberry Pi”